What You Need To Know About Silver Quaich And How To Maintain It

Quaich is traditional Scottish consuming cup that is generally shallow and capabilities handles on opposite aspects. The cup was historically carved from wood, however these days you’ll discover the cups in strong silver and plated silver that offers them a glittery appealing appearance. The cup is also known as the Cup of Friendship or Love Cup and that they make very good presents at weddings, anniversaries and christening as a image of friendship, love, recognize and sharing.

Traditional uses of the Quaich

This consuming cup has been used for hundreds of years to offer welcoming drinks to visitors. It changed into used in large part to provide brandy or whisky at some stage in extended family gatherings or own family event or virtually to welcome visitors and pals. Because the receiver needed to keep both handles to drink, no guns should show up in such meetings.

Modern uses

The Quaich has observed its vicinity in current activities and continues to be used to welcome visitors specially in Scottish homes. It is likewise a common present at weddings and christening to expose love and admire to the newlyweds and drink to the good health of a new child.

Caring for the silver Quaich

The stylish, placing silver drinking cups to be had nowadays could make terrific ingesting cups, gifts or beautiful decorations strategically positioned in your house. Whatever way you select to apply your consuming cup, you must discover ways to care for the silver to preserve your cup searching awesome and in excellent condition. The care necessities for solid silver Quaich and plated one is comparable simplest that you want to be cautious whilst polishing plated cups to preserve the top silver coating in region.

Silver is liable to getting tarnished due to a number of factors including air. It reacts with hydrogen sulphide this is gift within the air accumulating tarnish. Although it does now not devour away in your silver like rust might, it robs your Quaich off its silvery splendor by means of sealing the floor. To save you tarnish buildup, make a habit of cleansing and sprucing your cup on a everyday foundation.

Use warm water and moderate detergent to clean off any marks. The detergent should be phosphate loose. You can then dry using a cotton material; permitting air drying will best leave spots in your cup because the water evaporated at the floor. Never wash the silver ingesting cup in the dishwasher.

Avoid abrasive polishes when sharpening your silver Quaich. Get a non-abrasive and gentle silver cloth to polish and store it where it does no accumulate dust, dirt and grit otherwise you will rub this onto the silver floor subsequent time you polish.

Buying your silver Quaich

Whether you are becoming for personal use or as a gift to a person dear to you, you ought to make an awesome choice. The drinking cups come in a huge variety of sizes and designs. Choose what you find the maximum perfect for the meant use. If you have become it as a marriage present, anniversary present or gift to welcome a brand new baby, you could don’t forget having your desires engraved at the cup to customize it and make it even greater unique.


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